• Rational Baking & Roasting Trays

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    • Rational Baking & Roasting Trays

      "The all-rounder"

      Whether its poultry pieces, medallions, bread rolls, croissants, danish pastries, roast potatoes and many others, you can prepare an unbelievable variety of different foods with the roasting and baking tray. Everything is uniformly browned, remains juicy and obtains a nice crust.
      • The aluminium baking trays from RATIONAL have perfect non-stick properties
      • They are also extremely rugged and will last for a very long time
      • The 3-layer TriLax® coating aids browning and is resistant to heat and alkalis
      • Available in 3 sizes - 1/2GN, 1/1GN or Bakery Standard

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